Career Opportunities

With the diverse base of knowledge and broad range of skill sets acquired through apprenticeship, work experience, and local union training, boilermakers can take advantage of a wide range of potential career opportunities in a variety of related fields.

College Instructor

A boilermaker instructor is responsible for the development, design, and delivery of all facets of the boilermaker trade, both in a classroom and shop environment. Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills are necessary in order to become a successful instructor. As a boilermaker instructor one must be able to keep up with ever-changing industry practices, technologies, and safety regulations. An instructor must have journeyperson status and usually a minimum of five years experience. As well, most colleges will mandate that an education course (certificate or diploma) be completed before or within a required amount of time after employment has commenced. This is a career that demands a great deal of dedication and is quite challenging, however it is also extremely rewarding.


The Boilermakers Union offers many career opportunities within the organization itself. This Includes:

Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer: The Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer manages the day to day operation of the local lodge. They hire and manage the staff as well as ensure that the lodge finances are dealt with in the prescribed manner. This is an elected position and the term of office is for five years. You may be elected as many times as the membership chooses to do so.

Business Representative: The Business Representatives are appointed by the Business Manager. Their job is to assist the Business Manager in the operation of the local. Their duties may include:

Dispatcher: The dispatcher position is very integral to our organization. Our focus is getting our members to work and the dispatcher does that. When we receive an order from a contractor for a specified number of workers it is up to the dispatcher to contact those members on the out of work list and dispatch them promptly in order to fulfill the contractor's request.

Training Coordinator: The Training Coordinator works for a committee comprised of equal numbers of Contractor and Union representatives under the supervision of the Business Manager. It is the Training Coordinator's job to supervise the training staff and implement and schedule the required training as directed by Apprenticeship and Training Committee.

Training Instructor: The Training Instructors work for either the Apprenticeship and Training Department of their Local Lodge or the College that delivers the in-school portion of the required curriculum. Our Instructors are our elite Boilermakers who pass on their knowledge and experience when training the next generation of our trade. They deliver training in welding, safety, rigging, blueprint reading and theory just to mention a few.

Organizers: Organizing is so very important not only to our trade or the Union Movement itself but to the underpaid, overworked, intimidated, benefit less workers of our country. Organizers bring the union into the non-union workplace. When the Organizer gets invited to attempt an organizing drive it is because the workers have cause to need representation. When the Organizer leaves the workplace, even the workplace that does not go Union, the workers are better off. The company has had to improve the conditions in order to make us unsuccessful which in fact makes us successful!

Safety Officer

Safety officers facilitate the development, implementation and maintenance of workplace safety programs. Safety officers promote positive safety attitudes and safe work practices. Employers generally prefer to hire people who have a combination of relevant work experience (e.g. boilermaker journeyman certification) and education. Their duties and responsibilities vary depending on where they work but, in general, they: