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30 mars 2017
L'IRSST émet une alerte sur le syndrome hypothénarien du marteau

Le syndrome se manifeste lorsque les travailleurs utilisent de façon répétitive la paume de la main en guise de marteau pour écraser, presser ou tordre des objets.

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21 décembre 2016
Full asbestos ban, changed codes and regulations expected by 2018

Asbestos fibres
(c) Can Stock Photo / PhotoMiner
The Boilermakers National Director of Health & Safety, Jason McInnis, reports that an important step was taken on December 15, 2016 - a full federal asbestos ban along with a change to the codes and regulations by 2018. More work will be required at the provincial level to ensure the provinces follow the federal government's lead to ban asbestos in all its uses and to ensure the federal government follows through on its commitments. As the former NDP Member of Parliament Pat Martin noted: "If we were a world leader in the production and the export and even the promotion of asbestos, we have a moral obligation to be a world leader in diagnosis and treatment of asbestos-related disease."

It has been known for decades that exposure to asbestos can cause significant negative health effects, including asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. In the 1960s pivotal research concretely linked health risks associated with asbestos. In Canada the estimation is that 2000 people die annually from asbestos exposure. The World Health Organization estimates as many as 100,000 people die from asbestos worldwide. We have spent millions to remove asbestos from parliament buildings, schools and industries across Canada. Hypocritically during the same time, Canada has long championed the importation and exportation of asbestos.

Read more: Full asbestos ban, changed codes and regulations expected by 2018 (CBC)

Brother Clem Côté

On July 21, 2016, former Boilermaker Clem Côté passed away from mesothelioma - a deadly cancer caused by asbestos. His family, including daughter Michelle Côté, live with the possibility that they may have been exposed to asbestos second-hand. Asbestos is the leading cause of work-related death in Canada, accounting for over 2,000 deaths each year. Check out a youtube video that was made on behalf of the family below:

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MISE À JOUR: Risques occupationnels pour la santé des Chaudronniers

16 décembre 2016
Don't Rush Into Winter Driving

Harsh winter conditions can appear out of nowhere. When they do, many drivers may get caught off-guard. No matter how many winters you've driven through it's always a good idea to take some time to prepare before heading out into the elements keeping in mind some safe driving advice. Read More »

2 novembre 2016
Radon - La principale cause du cancer du poumon chez les non-fumeurs

Novembre est le mois de sensibilisation du radon. Le radon est un gaz radioactif qui se forme naturellement pas la décomposition de l'uranium dans le sol. Le roc ou l'eau. Le radon est incolore, inodore et sans goût. La seule façon de savoir si votre maison a un problème de radon c'est par un test. Pour en savoir davantage, visitez:

Pour commander la trousse de dépistage, visitez:

25 octobre 2016
Saskatchewan changes law to help workers with psychological injuries

New amendment presumes PTSD to be work-related

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14 octobre 2016
Le Comité des maladies occupationnelles co-présidé par un Chaudronnier reçoit le prix Gil Samson

[Cliquer pour agrandir]

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Le Comité des maladies occupationnelles du Réseau provincial patronal/syndical de santé et de sécurité de l'Ontario a gagné le Prix Gil Samson pour son travail pour amender la règlementation qui réduira les accidents, les blessures et les maladies industrielles pour les travailleurs de l'Ontario et pour nos membres. Le comité est co-présidé par Blair Allin, instructeur de santé et sécurité/ représentant du Local 128 des Chaudronniers.

Des réussites récentes incluent :

Le Comité a travaillé avec diligence pour offrir aux travailleurs de l'Ontario et à nos membres un environnement de travail sécuritaire. Grâce à leur expérience, leur connaissance de l'industrie et leur désir d'améliorer les conditions de travail des travailleurs dans tous les domaines, ce groupe a bien mérité le Prix Gil Samson.

28 septembre 2016
La CSPAAT de l'Ontario annonce la première réduction de primes depuis 2001

L'Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups a contesté la rencontre en disant qu'avec une réduction des primes pour les employeurs, la CSPAAT retirait 250$ millions de dollars de paiements de compensation à des travailleurs blessés appauvris au profit des corporations.

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13 juillet 2016
Keep Your Cool

Whether working in a hot smelting plant or outdoors during summer months, heat exposure can be dangerous. Extremely hot environments can overwhelm the body's coping mechanisms and lead to many serious conditions. Heat exhaustion can quickly progress to heat stroke. Heat stroke requires immediate medical attention; it can cause death or permanent disability if emergency treatment is delayed or not administered. Click the images below to learn more:

8 juillet 2016
Lyme Disease

As more people head outdoors this summer, the CPWR and CCOHS reminds everyone to be aware of ticks and diseases they carry, particularly Lyme disease. CPWR has developed a toolbox talk (PDF) providing information on how to protect yourself (e.g. wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, tuck pant cuffs into workboots).

Additional resource information is available from CCOHS by clicking here.

15 juin 2016
YouCheck What? The Boilermakers Youcheck Challenge.

Men's Health Matters
Join other Boilermakers from coast to coast in taking the Boilermakers Youcheck Challenge. We're getting behind the Boilermakers YouCheck Challenge in support of Canadian Men's Health Week. In under 10 minutes you can be on your way to a healthier you. By participating in the Boilermakers YouCheck Challenge you will help Canadian men live better lives by raising awareness of how even small changes have long-term health benefits. The Boilermakers YouCheck Challenge begins June 13, 2016.

Leading the way is the Canadian Men's Health Foundation, a national charity on a mission to inspire Canadian men to live better - 70% of men's health problems can be prevented by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Complete the challenge and be entered to win 1 of 25 FitBit watches. Members can complete the challenge by logging in to Members Only and clicking the "Take the Challenge" button in the June 13th announcement.

28 janvier 2016
Oil and gas workers losing their hearing at an alarming rate says WorkSafeBC

Drilling and pipeline work is noisy business and according to a new report it's taking an alarming toll on the hearing of workers in B.C.'s gas and oil industry.

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