Most technical training institutes charge tuition fees for apprenticeship programs. Cost incurred for training vary from province to province. Apprentices must expect to pay for their training however there are grants and scholarships available which will help to defer the cost.

Tuition fees reflect the length of the apprenticeship program each year therefore the fee will be based on the number of weeks an apprentice is in school. Other costs for student note packages, books and supplies can be expected. These costs will vary each year with the highest cost normally in the first and second years of the program. It is common for apprentices to purchase most of the textbooks in the first year and use them for all the remaining years of their apprenticeship.

Some employers and unions do assist apprentices with reimbursement of costs after successful completion of training.

For exact cost of programs and available grants and scholarships interested individuals may visit related provincial or technical college websites or contact college registrars offices and local unions for more information.

Dependents of Boilermaker Members Are Eligible for Scholarships of Up to $5,000

Each year, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers gives a total of $50,000 worth of scholarships to dependents of members, both in Canada and in the U.S.

Boilermaker scholarships are open to high school seniors who will be entering their first year of a two- or four-year academic program at a degree-granting, accredited college or university within one year of their high school graduation and are dependents of Boilermaker members in good standing (includes son, daughter, legally adopted child or dependent of active, retired, disabled, or deceased members).

Scholarship awards are based upon academic record, extra-curricular and outside school activities, career goals, and performance on a typed essay. Candidates must submit an official application (postmarked between January 1 and March 1), proof of relationship to a Boilermaker member, SAT and/or ACT test scores (for U.S. citizens only), a high school transcript, and a 300-500 word essay on a specific theme (a new essay topic is announced each December for that year's scholarship application).

2015 Scholarship Winners

International President, Newton B. Jones, is pleased to announce that the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers' Scholarship Committee has selected the winners of the scholarship awards for 2015.

The International Executive Council (IEC) Scholarship Committee has awarded scholarships to the following Canadian applicants:

Award Winner Parent Lodge
$2,000 Austin Cody MacDonald Roderick "Chad" MacDonald 73
$2,000 Joseé Sophie Maillet Gilles Maillet 73
$1,000 Alison Grace Bachand-Lapointe Ken Bachand 146
$1,000 Daniel Jason Boutilier Daniel Boutilier 73
$1,000 Chelsea Catherine Costello Ian Costello 146
$1,000 Andrea Nicole Hennessey Kenny Hennessey 580
$1,000 Melissa Marie Larade Mark Larade 73
$1,000 Haley Jade Maidment Dean Maidment 73

In addition, the Canadian Federation of Labour (CFL) sponsors two $1,000 scholarships for each affiliated International Union. Those scholarships are awarded by the affiliated International Unions. The IEC Scholarship Committee has awarded CFL scholarships to the following Canadian applicants:

Award Winner Parent Lodge
$1,000 Daniel Jason Boutilier Daniel Boutilier 73
$1,000 Dawn Elizabeth Curran Edward Curran 146

There were 22 scholarships awarded to the sons & daughters of US members. The scholarship award winners were selected from among 125 applicants. In selecting these winners, the members of the scholarship committee were highly impressed with their excellent grades throughout high school, their many achievement awards, their participation in many extracurricular activities and their well-written essays.

International President Jones said "there are many applicants who are deserving of commendation and I wish them all well."