Our leadership


As with all unions, the leadership of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers comes from its members.

Members elect local lodge officers and delegates to the Consolidated Conventions held every five years. At the convention, the member-elected delegates elect International officers. Delegates, local lodge officers, and International officers are all members of the union.

Member-elected convention delegates also vote on changes to the International's Constitution, which governs the actions of all International officers, staff, local lodges, and members.

At every level, members lead the union.

Source: Boilermakers.org

The Role of the International

In Canada, the International has a staff of one (1) International Vice-President, six (6) International Representatives, one (1) International Indigenous Recruitment Representative, two (2) National Training Representatives and two (2) Health & Safety Representatives. We maintain a national office in Edmonton, Alberta with full time support.

We assist each local in areas of jurisdiction, grievances, collective bargaining along with any day to day assistance. We also attend regular monthly meetings of all locals and we hold regular meetings of international staff and local lodge officers to deal with a variety of industry related issues.

Programs put in place by the International for our Canadian members are:

  • Nationwide website with up to date information on news, events, job calls, benefits, pension, construction agreement and other related material.
  • Online Travel Card pool which allows travelers to be dispatched to jobs nationwide.
  • The Boilermaker Virtual Campus - an interactive learning center that helps our members learn and improve their skills.
  • Online Red Seal Assessments - an ability for members to prepare for the Interprovincial Red Seal Exam and improve their chances of successfully completing this certification.
  • Boilermaker Exposure Incident Reporting (BEIR) - A centralized database that enables lodges to record exposure incidents. Launched in 2010, the goal of the BEIR Program is to gather information about uncontrolled/unplanned exposures as close to the time of occurrence as possible to ensure accurate records are collected and maintained.
  • Audiometric Testing - The program objectives include: Emphasis on Boilermaker health protection and education; Meet all applicable OH&S regulatory requirements; and Critical component to an industry wide hearing conservation program.

As we move forward, the International Staff will continue to support our members and our locals and develop programs that are a benefit to all.

International Officers

International Vice-President of Canada Arnie Stadnick

Arnie Stadnick
International Vice-President for Canada

In 1982, Arnie indentured as an apprentice at Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta). He served a three-year Boilermaker apprenticeship, after which he secured his journeyman ticket in 1986. He worked in both the ISO and CSO divisions serving as an apprentice, journeyman, job steward, foreman, general foreman and superintendent on various job sites. [Read More]

International Staff (Alphabetical Listing)

Blair Allin
Canadian Health and Safety Representative

Blair began his Boilermaker apprenticeship in 1982 with Local 128. He worked in the field for 25 years, serving the membership as Union Steward and Health and Safety Representative. In 2006, he took a position with Apprenticeship and Training as the Health and Safety Instructor and Representative for Local 128. In July 2017, Blair was appointed Canadian health and Safety Representative.

Jim Beauchamp
Assistant National Program Coordinator

Jim is a 31 year member of Lodge 555 (Manitoba), starting his career in 1981 as a construction Boilermaker. He holds Red Seal Certification in Steel Fabrication and Boilermaker trades. Jim has a degree in Technical Education and worked 12 years as a Boilermaker and Welding Instructor at Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. On July 2012, Jim joined National Training and was appointed the Assistant National Program Coordinator. His focus has been on the Temporary Foreign Worker and Manpower Reserve programs.

j'Amey Bevan
Director of National Training

j’Amey began her Boilermaker Apprenticeship in 1998 with Local 146. She worked both field and shop until she was hired at the Local 146 Training Centre where she worked through the ranks to become the Director of the Apprenticeship and Education. j’Amey holds a Boilermaker Red Seal, an Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) certificate and a Masters degree in Leadership through Royal Roads University. She has served on many boards and committees over the years to enhance and advocate for continuous learning, supportive work environments and trade mastery.

Jerry Flaherty
International Representative

Emile Gareau

Emile Gareau
International Indigenous Recruitment Representative

Emile Gareau began his apprenticeship in 1980 with Local 555. He worked as a construction Boilermaker for 31 years. In 2011 Emile was elected as Business Manager of Local 555, and re-elected in 2013. He was appointed International Representative in 2018 and he oversees Indigenous Recruitment.

Richard MacIntosh
International Representative

Richard started his apprenticeship in 1981 with Boilermaker Lodge 359 (British Columbia). During that time he served as a workplace steward as well as spent seventeen years on the Executive Board of Lodge 359 holding the positions of Lodge President and Recording Secretary. He was an instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) until his appointment as International Representative in 2006. Some of Richard's duties include website maintenance, steward training, is a member of the National Health & Safety Committee and is the President of the Federal Dockyard Liaison Committee. Richard is a graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program.

Jason McInnis
National Director Health & Safety

Jason is a member of Local 73 (New Brunswick) and has been the National Director of Health & Safety since 2005, representing Boilermakers on various regional and national health & safety matters. Jason's professional qualifications include Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH). Jason graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters in Health Sciences and is a graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program.


Kent Oliver
International Representative

Kent started his Boilermaker career in 1981 at Lodge 73 (New Brunswick). In 1999 he was elected Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer of Lodge 73 and remained in that role until his appointment to International Representative in 2007 where he represents members in the construction and industrial sectors in Eastern Canada. Kent is a member of the General Presidents' Committee and the National Maintenance Council as well as the Federal Government Dockyard Trades Council Liaison Committee.

Michel Trepanier
International Representative

Michel joined the Boilermakers as an apprentice in 1996 and was appointed as a Lodge 271 Representative in 2004. He was elected Business Manager in 2009, re-elected in 2013 and appointed International Representative in 2015. Michel is a graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program and is the President of the Quebec Building Trades.

Rick Vanderveen
Director of Canadian Industrial Sector Operations Lodge Services / Assistant Director (ISO)

Rick is a second-generation, 38-year member of Local 146 (Alberta).  After graduating high school, he began his career as an apprentice fabricator at Edmonton Exchanger and Refinery.  While employed in the shop, he pursued his Journeyman certification in Steel Fabrication, Boilermaker, and Mobile Crane Operator.  He served as the Shop Steward and was elected to Sergeant of Arms for Local 146 in 2003. He has worked in both field construction and maintenance.  In 2007 he was appointed Local 146 Shop Business Representative to service 11 shops in Alberta.  He was asked to serve as an International Representative in 2018. Rick is also a graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program.

Jonathan White
International Representative

Jonathan began his apprenticeship with Lodge 128 (Ontario) in 1998. He is a certified welder fitter and Red Seal Construction Boilermaker and was the recipient of the Top Apprentice Award at the 2002 Canadian Boilermaker Apprenticeship Competition. Jonathan served as Dispatcher/Business Representative for Local 128 until his work began with National Training. Jonathan has made significant contributions to National Training's many initiatives such as Field Supervisor Leadership Training as well as the development of two Interprovincial Red Seal Upgrade Programs for the Trade of Boilermaker and Welder.