Learning Across Canada

Since the early days of steamships and locomotives, the Boilermakers union has had a reputation for offering the best quality training for both apprentices and journeypersons.

Please follow one of the links below for more information on our training programs.

Apprenticeships: Follow this link if you’re looking for a career as a Boilermaker.

Welcoming Women Boilermakers: The IBB sponsors and supports organizations across Canada that encourage women to join our trade and provide support throughout their careers. In particular, the Boilermakers support Kickass Careers, an organization that reaches out to young people through community events and schools to promote careers in the trades.

National training network: Our union operates a national network of training centres from coast to coast. Here, apprentice and journeyperson Boilermakers can train for specialized work, upgrade their qualifications or take refresher courses to learn new methods and technologies.

Scholarships: Every year, the Boilermakers award post-secondary scholarships to the dependants of our members.

National Training: Boilermakers training programs are administered by our National Training Trust Fund (NTTF). Read more about the goals and accomplishments of the NTTF.