Cem-Div East (District 10)

Cement, Lime, Gypsum, and Allied Workers in Eastern Canada

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The CLGAW division in Eastern Canada is different from Western Canada is that each of these Lodges operate on their own. There are eleven Lodges here that work with sand, lime, aggregates, cement, agricultural, gypsum wallboard, stucco, decorative brick, pavers, sewer pipe, plus they will haul trucks, load ships and barges with the products. The members of this area are qualified as millwrights, welders, production operators and production support operators.


D324 Havelock, NB

Employer: Graymont (NB) Inc. – sand, lime & aggregate

President: Scott Carson, Tel: (506) 756-4001
Secretary: Treasurer – Blaine Burgess

D366 Mississauga, ON

Employer: CRH Canada Inc – cement production plant

Business Manager: Jameson Amaral, Tel: (416) 970-8650
President: Jason Boles
Secretary-Treasurer: David Lenarduzzi
Vice-President: Derry Harris
Trustee: Robert Mosher
Trustee: Stefanie Slater
Trustee: Brett Boles

Union Meeting: Second Monday of the month (7:15)

D387 Picton, ON

Employer: LeHigh Hanson Inc. – cement production plant

President: Jason Bosley, Tel: (613) 827-7527
Vice-President: Joe Stacey
Secretary-Treasurer: Mike Gyde
Recording Secretary: John Platt

Union Meeting: Fourth Tuesday of the month (5:00 pm)

D406 St. John, NB

Employer: Brockville Manufacturing – agricultural limestone and aggregates

President: Steve Jones, Tel: (506) 651-7742
Vice-President: John Black
Secretary Treasurer: Shane Hebert

Union Meeting: Second Tuesday of the month (4:30 pm) Lunchroom

D454 Brookfield, NS

Employer: LarfargeHolcim Canada Inc. – cement production plant

President: J. Michael Searle, Tel: (902) 956-0536
Vice-President: Jean-Marc J. Lacourse, Tel: (902) 751-0424
Secretary-Treasurer: Mitchell D. Cox, Tel: (902) 673-247
Chairman (Trustees): Barry B. Baker
Recording-Secretary: Jacobus J. Van De Riet
Trustee: Ian E. Paul, Brad T. Sutherland

Union Meeting: First Tuesday of each month (4:15 pm) Brookfield Fire Hall

D488 Acton, Paris, London and Stouffville, ON (Local D364 was amalgamated with D488 in 2016)

Employer: CRH Canada Inc. and LafargeHolcim Inc. – sand and aggregates

President: Lincoln Trevail, Tel: (905) 873-5355
Secretary-Treasurer: Mike Smith
Steward (Paris): Craig Jull, Tel: (519) 758-4706
Steward (Paris): Josh Hawes
Steward (London): Ken Doake, Tel: (519) 457-3789
Steward (Stouffville): Scott Macleish, Tel: (705) 340-3395
Steward (Stouffville): Jason Chamberlain

Union Meeting: Third Saturday of the month, location varies

D494 Lincoln, Caledon, Scarbourgh, Toronto, Brantford and Onaping, ON


  • Century Concrete – concrete burial vaults and cement blocks
  • Dunnville Rock – production of crushed stone
  • LeHigh Hanson Silos – storage silos of cement powder
  • King Package Materials – premixed concrete, plaster, sand/stone for aggregates, stucco and sakrete – Brantford and Onaping (Greater Sudbury)
  • Lincoln Quarry Company – sand and rock quarry
  • Telephone City Aggregates – sand and washed gravel quarry
  • LafargeHolcim Inc – stone & aggregate quarry

President: Stanley Young, Tel: (905) 745-2531
Secretary-Treasurer: Jessica Young (Temp)
Steward (Century Concrete): Jim Louwe, Tel: (416) 676-3152
Steward (LeHigh Hanson): Bill Lynch, Tel: (905) 723-6377
Steward (King – Brantford): Travis Bingeman, Tel: (519) 755-1299
Steward (King – Brantford): Kirk Herriman
Steward (King – Onaping): Ben Martel, Tel: (705) 207-9848
Steward (King – Onaping): Pat Boulton
Steward (LH Caledon): Greg Hines, Tel: (905) 724-0615
Steward (LH Caledon): Richard Holmes

Union Meeting: First Saturday of the month, location varies

D579 Lantz, NS

Employer: Shaw Group Ltd – decorative brick, pavers and concrete sewer pipe

President: Shawn Hines, Tel: (902) 579-6725
Vice-President: Adam Spurr
Secretary-Treasurer: Mike Ettinger
Chairman (Trustees): Trevor Moxom
Trustee: Dennis Kennedy
Trustee: Tom Melanson

Union Meeting: Third Thursday of the month (2:30 pm)


Lodges Affiliated: D324, D366, D387, D406, D454, D488, D494, D579

Tony Andrade
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer
Tel: (289) 795-4425

Executive Board

President: James Louwe, Tel: (416) 676-3152
Vice-President: Jason W. Bosley, Tel: (613) 827-7527
Chairman (Trustees): Lincoln Trevail
Trustee: Frank Diliddo
Trustee: Michael L. Ettinger