Cem-Div West (District 11)

Cement, Lime, Gypsum, and Allied Workers in Western Canada


District 11 was chartered on March 15th, 1984 and has a membership of 950. In 1984, the United Cement, Lime, Gypsum and Allied Workers voted to merge with the International Brotherhood. The merger of the CLGAW and its 10,000 members who dominate the building products and supplies industry with the Boilermakers forged a greater ability to provide services to its members. The members of D-11 elect their own Business Manager and maintain their own funds which are used for programs which benefit this membership. The members of the D-11 have Qualifications as Millwrights, Welders, Machinist, Heavy Duty & Automotive Mechanic, Process Operators, and Product Support Workers.

D-11 is made up of 13 Local Lodges in Western Canada. The members work primarily in the cement, wall board, and quarrying industries. They also represented members in such diverse industries as roofing materials. The formation of D-11 has allowed the 13 Local Lodges to forge very close relationships amongst the members and allows them to react quickly when any of their Lodges finds themselves in trouble. This is especially critical in times of job action when members of affected Locals have received much needed financial help.

Delegates of all Locals meet once a year to share information and to form policies that are good for all of D-11 members. D-11 Locals participate with other Boilermakers across North American at the Industrial Sector conference every year. District-11 also maintains strong ties with the Construction Boilermaker Lodges.

Lodge D11 locals: D274 Winnipeg, MB; D277 Vancouver, BC; D331 Exshaw, AB; D345 Calgary, AB; D359 Edmonton, AB & Regina, SK; D385 Richmond BC; D400 Vancouver, BC; D479Invermere, BC; D486 New Westminster, BC; D503 Kamloops, BC; D513 Edmonton, AB; D575 Moosehorn, MB

Contact Information

Kevin Forsyth
Business Manager

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Kevin Sheptycki
Assistant Business Manager

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