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Located in the heart of "oil country", Lodge 146 supplies Boilermakers to the massive oil sands projects in Fort McMurray as well as numerous refineries and petro-chemical plants, pulp mills, power generation facilities and fabrication shops across the province of Alberta.

Lodge 146 was chartered in May of 1948 with a complement of 60 members and since then has grown and flourished into the 3800 strong membership we have today. Our small membership met in various rented locations until we built our first union hall and training facility in the early 1970s.

In May 2003, Lodge 146 took possession of a brand new state of the art facility including a 13,000 sq. ft. training facility complete with 8,000 sq. ft welding shop, classrooms and computer lab.


Lodge 146 was once chartered in Prince Rupert, BC, in 1917 as shipbuilding lodge during the First World War; the charter lapsed after the ship yard closed at the end of the war. In 1948 the employees of Sparling & Davis Ltd, who where working out of the company's shop on Edmonton's south side, were organized by IVP Archie Milligan. The first few years, the small lodge was serviced by IVP Milligan and the Building Trades. By 1950, The International had appointed an International Representative to work on the behalf of 146. His name was Jack Dickens and he went right to work signing up more members and employers in Edmonton and Calgary. In 1952, Lodge 146 elected their first Business Manager Ray Weeden at $300.00 per month. As the boom continued, the lodge kept growing. In 1953, the rate was $2.20 per hour. In the late 1950's a recession hit Canada reducing the work and creating unemployment and by the 1960's the work picture improved, with jobs in Hydro-electric, Petro-chemical plants, Power Plants and tank work at various locations within the Jurisdiction of 146.

In 1960, Don Whan was elected Business Manager of 146. He later became the IVP of Western Canada and then the International Secretary-Treasurer. Lodge 146 stayed busy through the 1960's and 1970's with Gas processing plants, fertilizer plants and the potash industry bursting at the seams in Saskatchewan. In 1971, the membership gave approval to buy property and a building located at 14705-116th Avenue for $110,000.00. In 1973, the shop Lodge 392 membership voted in favour to transfer into 146. 392 was chartered in Calgary to service the railway shops in 1903. Later, 146 opened a sub-office in Calgary. In 1976, Lodge 146 applied to the Executive Council to extend its territorial limits to include the district of Mackenzie in the Northwest Territories.

By the 1980's, the work started to slowed down because of the Federal Government policy regarding the oil and gas Industry. But that did turn around and now 146 has the largest membership in the whole Brotherhood.

Some of our Contractors

Key Shop Employers Key Field Employers
Alberta Exchanger, Edmonton Alstom Power
Alberta Custom Pipe Bending, Edmonton Babcock & Wilcox
Altex Industries, Edmonton Bantrel
Cessco Fabrication Brown & Root
Corlac Industries, Lloydminster Canadian Erectors (TIW)
Dacro Industries, Edmonton Cessco Fabrication
Edmonton Exchanger, Edmonton Edmonton Exchanger & Refinery Services
Larsen D'Amico Fluor
Maloney Industries, Calgary Horton CBI
Melloy, Nisku Jacobs Catalytic
TIW Western, Calgary Lockerbie & Hole
Universal Industries, Lloydminster Melloy Industrial
Universal Industries, Calgary

Key Projects

These are a FEW of the projects which Local 146 has been instrumental in building and maintaining:

  • Syncrude
  • Suncor
  • Albion Sands
  • Dow Chemical
  • Petro Canada Refinery Edmonton
  • Genesee Power Generating Station
  • Sundance Power Generating Station
  • Sheerness Power Generating Station
  • Weyerhauser Pulp Mill - Grande Prairie
  • Shell Refinery - Caroline

Training Programs/Courses

With 4 full time instructors, we have the ability to train our members in any aspect of the trade.

  • Initial "B" Pressure and Upgrading
  • Initial TIG and upgrading
  • ASME Section IX Seminar
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Vessel Fitting & Layout
  • Rigging (Basic and Advanced)
  • Heat Exchanger & Bundle Puller Extraction
  • Job Steward Training
  • Construction Safety Training (computer based)
  • Confined Space Awareness (computer based)
  • H2S Awareness (computer based)


  • Rod Springer Award - to the apprentice with the highest marks
  • International Scholarship


  • Recipient of International Brotherhood "Can-Do" Spirit award (1994)


Lodge 146 hosts several functions throughout the year:

January - Annual Awards Banquet
June - Annual Family Picnic
July - Annual Golf Tournament
August - Charity Car Show
November - Family Night - Galaxy Land
December - Family Christmas Party

Community Work

Contributions of both money and volunteers to the following:

  • Diabetes Research
  • Western Guide Dog Foundation

Donations committee selects worthy recipients from the many requests received each year.

Contact Information


15220 - 114 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5M 2Z2

Tel: (780) 451-5992
Fax: (780) 451-3927


11055 - 48 Street, SE
Calgary, AB T2C 1G8

Tel: (403) 253-6976
Fax: (403) 252-4187

Website: boilermakers.ca