National Training Trust Fund

The Boilermakers National Training Trust Fund (NTTF) keeps Boilermaker training programs current and standardized. Jointly operated by employee and employer representatives, the Fund operates a national network of training centres in addition to its other work.

The NTTF’s mission is to promote excellence in all Boilermaker training and education. Its goal is to ensure clients get the best-qualified Boilermakers no matter where they are in Canada.

The NTTF works with government to provide a national quality standard in training. For example, National Training has signed agreements with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to develop a truly Canada-wide Boilermaker apprenticeship program. A common course of core studies with instructor reference guides was completed in 1997 – a significant achievement in the industry.

National standards in apprentice training help Boilermakers earn their Red Seal qualifications that lets them move from province to province to work without retraining or recertification.