US, Foreign-Trained or Unifor Member?

If you’re a US Boilermakers member, a qualified Boilermaker from the UK or Ireland or a skilled-trades member of Unifor with the right qualifications, Canada’s Boilermakers welcome you to our workplaces.

For Boilermakers from outside of Canada

From time to time, we face a shortage of skilled Boilermakers in Canada. During these times, there are opportunities for workers trained outside Canada to work here. You’ll work under the same terms as your Canadian colleagues and get the same wages and benefits as union Boilermakers make here. And you will under no circumstances be displacing Canadian Boilermakers on the job.

If you’re a qualified pressure welder in Ireland, the Boilermakers can help you find work and accommodation during our busy spring and fall shutdown seasons in Canada.

If you are an American member of the Boilermakers union, we invite you to work here and will help you through the process. Please visit our page for US members at

For Unifor members

If you are a member of Unifor and want to work at a Boilermakers workplace, please log in or apply for a temporary Boilermakers membership at