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January 29, 2014

Boilermakers Support Jordon Dycke to Reach His Goal

Jordon Dycke, a member of lodge 359, is trying out for the Canadian National Wheelchair Rugby team. Jordon has been playing the sport for six years and the national team has taken notice of his skills on the court.

[Click to Enlarge] Jordon Dycke (on the left with the ball) and Stu Wymer in action on the rugby court.

Jordon Dycke was in a vehicle accident on November 2, 2006. The accident caused massive trauma to his neck, and his 5-6-7 vertebras had to be fused together.

Brother J'onn Giese, lodge 359 Executive Board member, has been fundraising on Jordon's behalf for the last several years so he can compete at the high level he does. Two years ago Boilermakers on one job raised over $23,000 to support Jordon and another member of 359, Stu Wymer, who was in a another vehicle accident, at their sport. Members of 359 are collecting money on Jordon's behalf at various jobs across the province to assist him in reaching his goal of representing his country and union on the world stage.

[Click to Enlarge] They may be Brother Boilermakers off the court, but on the court they are competitors.

Jordon trains five days a week in Victoria, BC, with one of the top trainers in the country for his sport, traveling approximately an hour each way from his home at Shawinigan Lake on Vancouver Island. Stu Wymer also competes at wheelchair rugby as well as basketball.

Jordon Dycke expressed his appreciation "None of this would have been available to me without the help of my Boilermaker brothers & sisters."

Joseph Maloney, International Vice President of Western Canada for the Boilermakers, said "We are pleased to support Jordon in reaching his goal; it is an enormous honour to represent one's country and the Boilermakers want to see him get there."

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