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February 28, 2017

Local D366 Holds 14th Retirees Coffee Get-Together

[Click to Enlarge] Local D366 Retirees (Mississauga, ON), attending their 14th Get-Together on October 4, 2016

Pierre Pommainville, a retired member of Local D366 (Mississauga ON), hosted his 14th Retiree Coffee Get-Together in the food court at a local shopping mall with his "Retiree Friends".

Several retirees of Local D366 had expressed an interest in getting together to talk about the "good old days". With that in mind, Pierre decided to arrange a get-together for his retired friends. Pierre arranged his first "Local D366 Retirees Get-Together" on June 15, 2010. The retirees have reunited twice a year ever since that first coffee get-together, and now they have 30 to 40 retirees gathering to reminisce about the "good old days".

Does your local lodge have a get-together for retired members? We sure would like to hear about it with a photo. Send to .