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March 14, 2017

Business Managers Meeting

[Click to Enlarge] Mr. Ian MacGregor addresses the Business Managers on CCS

[Click to Enlarge] IVP Joseph Maloney addressing the Canadian Business Managers and staff

During the week of March 6-9, 2017, Business Managers from construction lodges across North America met in Marco Island, Florida. International President Newton Jones addressed the local lodge leaders and International staff on issues that touch the Union, including manhours, the US pension, International staff changes and the Brotherhood building in Kansas City.

Mr. Ian MacGregor, President of North West Refining (who are upgrading the Sturgeon Refinery in Alberta), addressed the Business Managers on the role that Carbon Capture and Storage plays in controlling carbon. While many are jumping on the bandwagon for renewable resources, MacGregor explained that the carbon is still getting produced and released into the air to make the parts for the renewable industry. Mr. MacGregor who is an honorary member of the Union asked the Boilermakers to help him to promote the value of CCS in protecting the environment.

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Canadian International Vice President Joseph Maloney arranged for a meeting with the Canadian Business Managers and staff to discuss a variety of matters including the National Pension Plan, the work picture in the Nuclear power industry in Ontario, the work picture in 146 & 555, the Quality Control Council of Canada, and the upcoming CLC convention.

The Canadian Construction Lodges that participated in the meetings were 203, 73, 271, 128, 555, 146, 133 and 359.