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March 24, 2017

Platen Wall Training in Thunder Bay

On the shores of Lake Superior sits Thunder Bay, Ontario, and a unique local lodge within the Union. Local 555 and 128 share a union office and training centre best known as the "Thunder Bay Hall".

Recently, Instructor Terry Nichol conducted a class in platen wall construction. Business Representative, Daryl Bray, says "The training centre was donated some tubes by one of our contractors and Brother Nicol developed the class to update the skills of the members of the Thunder Bay Hall."

The class of Boilermakers from 555 & 128 laid out the tubes, cut them to size, milled the ends, fitted the tubes and membrane, then welded the tubes - a tig root along with 7018 filler and cap.

[Click to Enlarge] Some of the participating Boilermakers in the class: (left to right) Spencer Jaklitch (555), Peter Melnick (128) & Devin Thompson (128).