Alberta’s UCP passes harmful policy resolutions; IBB responds

Several weeks ago, Alberta’s governing United Conservative Party held their annual general meeting and passed two resolutions that would be very damaging to working people’s livelihoods and health care if they were to be made into law. One policy calls for Alberta to be made a US-style “Right-to-Work” province, a first step toward the destruction of unions and the gains they make for workers. Another is a pledge to add a privatized tier to Alberta’s health care system, which would compromise the delivery of public care and benefit only the rich.

IVP Arnie Stadnick has made the premier and his caucus aware of the Boilermakers’ views on these ill-timed and ill-conceived policies in a hard-hitting letter. The IBB also appealed to the public in an ad in the Edmonton and Calgary Sun newspapers. Please see below for both.

IVP Arnie Stadnick’s Letter to Premier Kenney (PDF)

Premier Kenney: Now more than ever, Alberta’s economy needs us. Why pick a fight with us now? (PDF)