Lodge 532

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Lodge 532 was chartered on August 23, 1920 and currently has a membership of 80. Lodge 532 has two employers: General Electric Railcar Service & Repair shop, plus Russell Metals a customs steel fabrication and steel distributors. These members are welders, fitters, painters, sand blasters and non-destructive technicians .


Lodge 532 was organized as a railway lodge in Regina. There have been many different contract shops in this lodge through the years.


Lodge 532 has two employers:

General Electric Railcar Service & Repair shop
Russell Metals – a customs steel fabrication and distributor

Special Achievements

2006 – 2007 G.E. Ergo Cup Competition Champions

At GE’s Railcar Facilities in Regina, a 30lb Bottom Outlet Valve (BOV) removal and installation is a common task at the shop, but there has been 2 first aid cases related to BOV removal and installation. The task is a manual process that was regarded “very hard” on the employees because of excessive strain and fatigue. After investigating other repair shops it was found there was no off the shelf solutions to be found.

A team was created to come up with a solution. The team developed a three component system consisting of a tool management cart, a bottom value jack and a mobile support platform. These tools reduced the amount of walking by 83%, eliminating lifting, moving pallets, carrying, lifting and falling risk of the BOV on to the Boilermaker. The task is now more worker-friendly and reduced the risk of personnel injury and fatigue. Besides the ergonomic benefits, the removal and installation system provides a solid return to the Regina shop in the form $11,700 a year.

The Team members were:

James Windley, Lead leader
Garth Charko, Lead-hand
Elroy Kimmie, Lead-hand
Dwayne Wadsworth, Repairman
Scott Simpson, Steam Technician
Dan Hill, Steam Technician
Jim Reid, Repairman/welder

Contact Information

Leonard Brodner, Secretary Treasurer

443 Toronto St. Regina SK

Tel: (306)545-7581

Executive Board
Curtis Nesset – President
Jody Gould – Vice-president
Leonard Brodner – Secretary Treasurer
Elmer Keller – Chair
Kelly Courtney, Jeremy Palanuik – Trustees
Devon Schick – Recording Secretary