Boilermaker Lodges Training Together

Instructors working on the torqueing & tensioning equipment

Instructors working on the torqueing & tensioning equipment

National Training reports that a Train the Trainer course was held at the Local 146 Training Centre on September 9-13. The two courses, torqueing/tensioning and bundle pulling, are typically one and two days respectively, however two additional days were required in order to distribute and discuss the instructor materials that were provided by Lodge 146. With broad knowledge of the subject matter, instructors can now conduct the training for members of their own local. National Training would like to thank Local 146’s Russel Reid for his expertise and Robert James, Director of Education & Apprenticeship of 146, for the use of the facility and equipment.

Torqueing & Tensioning Outline:

  • Bolting theory
  • Flange identification
  • Joint assembly and integrity
  • Hydraulic torqueing procedures
  • Hydraulic tensioning procedures
  • Hands on training
  • Certificate issued upon successful completion of written exam

Bundle Puller Outline:

  • TEMA designations and heat exchanger components
  • Bundle puller components and functions
  • Crane set up and chart interpretation
  • Preparation and procedures for pulling and pushing operations
  • Hands on training (30T Peinemann, 48-240 AES exchanger)
Train the Trainer participants

(Left to right): Mathew Fraser (Local 73), Josh Levenshulme (Local 73), Jim Beauchamp (National Training),Russell Reid (Local 146 Instructor), James Wade (Local 203) and Robert Moore (Local 203).