District 10 (D10) Holds First Conference

Business Manager Tony Andrade welcoming delegates and guests to the first D10 Conference

Business Manager Tony Andrade welcoming delegates and guests to the first D10 Conference

District 10 (D10) conducted their first district conference in Moncton, NB, on September 23-26, 2019. Chaired by Business Manager Tony Andrade, the conference provided an opportunity for the local lodge leaders to increase their awareness of their leadership responsibilities and to build working relationships with others in the district.

The conference opened Monday night with introductions amongst the delegates and guests. Tuesday morning opened with welcoming remarks from Tony Andrade and International Representative Kent Oliver. The two day conference featured presentations and delegate participation.

Presenters included:

  • Rick Vanderveen, Director of Industrial Sector Operations (ISO), welcomed and congratulated the members of D10 for the continued development of their Lodge.
  • Richard MacIntosh, International Representative, discussed executive roles and responsibilities within the Union to better help them serve the members of their local lodges.
  • Blair Allin, Boilermakers Health & Welfare Representative, spoke on drugs & alcohol in the workplace and respirator & fit test requirements.
  • Pierre Pommaninvaille, retired member of D10, volunteers to support retired union members and their spouses along with organizing gatherings and a newsletter in Ontario. He asked that the same be done in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
  • Kent Oliver, International Representative, explained the role of the local lodge servicing checklist.
  • Ashley Thompson, Boilermakers Membership Services Supervisor, answered delegate questions regarding filing reports.
  • Julie Brame, Internal Auditor, guided delegates through the process of the electronic filing of dues.
  • Carolyn Nitcher described the details of auditing reports.

On September 26th, a D10 union meeting was held for the delegates to provide an update, share information and to get answers to their questions regarding the districts’ affairs.

The delegates of the first District 10 conference

The delegates of District 10’s first conference. Back row (left to right): Jason Boles (D366 President), Jim Louwe (D494 President), Brad Sutherland (D454 President), Shawn Hines (D579 President), Mike Smith (D488 Secretary Treasurer), Lincoln Trevail (D488 President) and Dave Lenarduzzi (D366 Secretary Treasurer. Front row (left to right): David (Spud) Stevenson (D454 Secretary Treasurer), Share Hebert (D406 Secretary Treasurer), Mike Ettinger (D579 Secretary Treasurer), Stanley Young (D494 Secretary Treasurer), Tony Andrade (D10 Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer), John Black (D406 Vice-President), Jameson Amaral (D366 Business Manager), Jason Bosley (D387 President), Mike Gyde (D387 Secretary Treasurer) and Scott Carson (D324 President) .Missing: Daniel Steeves (D324 Secretary Treasurer).

Chartered in 2016, D10 is a Boilermaker district lodge that represents 11 cement locals in the eastern provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.